My favourite subjects
Michel Bigué Gallery

I paint landscapes that stir and surround me.  The privilege of residing once again in the countryside enables me to relive hikes in the forest, daily fishing treks, along with all that was then taken for granted as a child.   My environment unequivocally feeds my subject and by immersing myself in it I can successfully render its different ambiences.


Since one never draws enough, I appreciate the necessity of a pause from colour.  This exercise drives me to visualize the image by means of the light, thus achieving the desired effects.  I particularly like to blend lead with watercolour since in my view they unify remarkably on Arches paper.

Les couleurs de la pluie 24x 24

Having lived in downtown Montreal and frequently roamed The City of Light and different North American cities, it is nostalgia that is the obvious inspiration.  Painting cityscapes allow me to dive back into a rich array of sensations reliving its smells, lights, sounds, crowds and the endless movement that animates city life.

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