My favourite subjects
Lac des Iles 40x40

I paint landscapes that stir and surround me.  The privilege of residing once again in the countryside enables me to relive hikes in the forest, daily fishing treks, along with all that was then taken for granted as a child.  My environment unequivocally feeds my subject and by immersing myself in it I can successfully render its different ambiences.


Creating a portrait is first and foremost for me a connexion which allows me to observe, probe thoughts and study the moods of those I hold dear.  My challenge is to get you involved in the dialogue.

Les couleurs de la pluie 24x 24

Having lived in downtown Montreal and frequently roamed The City of Light and different North American cities, it is nostalgia that is the obvious inspiration.  Painting cityscapes allow me to dive back into a rich array of sensations reliving its smells, lights, sounds, crowds and the endless movement that animates city life.

Éclat de chute 15.75 x 15.75
Le ruisseau silencieux 16x16
Rivière Rouge 24 x 30
The big storm 11.75x11
Lueur d'été 8x8
Le départ des glaces 12x12
Le grand sage 24x40
Solitaire, 8x6
L'été indien 24x48
Super lune 8x8
De retour, 24x24
Accalmie, 24x24
Les chutes bleu 20x30
Rivière Petite Rouge 20 x 20
Première coulée 30x40
Matin de glace 24x40
Rivière en mars, 30x30
Mars en soirée 24x40
Trio, 12x10
Charlotte 18x18
Caroline 18x18
Juddy 18x18
Ailleurs 18x18
L'attente 24x24
Notre ami Mimi 6x8
Souvenir 24x24
Gesso 10x8
Adèle 7x9
Rose, 5x7, plomb
La petite chatte noire, 6x8
Charlot 4x6
Les toits du marché 11.75 x 11
Brume sur Montréal 16 x 16
Rue St Paul sous la pluie 36x24
Printemps sur Mont-Royal, 14x18
Cheminées en lumière 24x24
Dimanche soir 18x18
Les bleus de Montréal 30x50
Under the blue sky, 24x24
Centre ville 18x36
Le grand froid 20x20
Rue St-Denis, 6x12
Good morning 8x8
Pont Jacques Cartier fin du jour 24x24
Belle de nuit 30x30
Froid sur Montréal 11x14
Les oiseaux de nuit, 24x48
Survol, 18x40
Neige sur New York 10x20
Rainy day Toronto, 14x18
Le pont Neuf 10 x 8
Lumière matinale 30x24
Une nuit sur St-Paul 24x36

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